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*Interaction with individuals and organizations leading the transition to IPv6
*Access to IPv6 expertise in the variety of subjects such as addressing, routing, security, mobility, deployment, and more
*Discussions on IPv6 transition and challenges
*Working towards equitable access to knowledge worldwide
*IPv6 Canada expects that its participants are proactive. Participants promote IPv6 at all levels of the Canadian society contributing in forms of white papers, case studies, references, speeches, support for IPv6 Canada initiatives, programs and events. Membership to IPv6 Canada will be granted on an interim basis, with permanent status being awarded after demonstration of active participation.
*If you are interested to join please click the link below. Please include your name, your contact phone and e-mail, and if you like, your company name. Please describe your interest in IPv6. Within 72 hours you will receive instructions on how to join the mailing list.

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